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HESIG invites all faculty, staff, and students involved in higher education to be a regional editor and/or peer reviewer.

Peer Reviewers

Regional Editors

As JCIHE evolves, we are re-focusing the duties of the regional editors. There are multiple opportunities to contribute to each issue.  Regional editors will:

  • Write a general overview of their region in regards to current events or special interest issues (approximately 1,000 words). This can be in one of two styles: a) traditional academic with citations or b) opinion based.
  • Outreach to scholars in their region encouraging them to submit formal articles and/or short geographical updates.

At least once a year, peer reviewers will be assigned an article to read to help evaluate submissions and provide recommendations with the intent of shaping the volume with coherence and depth of offerings. Comments can be very short, but should be constructive and candid.

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