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The Fall 2018 articles have an intersecting theme of exploring new and innovative ways in which to gather and focus data collection, along with a comparative analysis about first-generation international students and a regional update from Ontario, Canda. The editorial staff of JCIHE is pleased to help support the CIES Higher Education SIG to advance discussions on higher education in the international and comparative context. JCIHE is a professional forum that supports development, analysis, and dissemination of theory-policy, and practice-related issues that influence higher education.

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“You Learn How to Experience Yourself”: A Photo-Cued Investigation of Empowerment in Study Abroad
Kayla M. Johnson

International Team Research in Comparative Higher Education: Shedding Some Light on its Social Side
Anna Kosmützky

First Generation International Students and the 4 Ds Shaping the Future of Global Student Mobility: A Comparative Report Analysis
Peggy Gesing and Chris Glass

Regional Update: Self-Reflections from a Project that Links Education Data from Various Sources in Ontario, Canada
Karen Robson