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For the Winter Special Issue 2018, JCIHE is honored to have Hei-hang Hayes Tang (The Education University of Hong Kong) and Roger Chao, Jr. (Independent Education Development Consultant) as the inaugural Special Issue guest editors.  The theme of the Special Issue is “Academic Profession, Entrepreneurial Universities and Scholarship of Application.” Each article examines the application of entrepreneurialism in higher education and explores how it is impacting the academic profession by changing the notion of “scholarship. The JCIHE Winter Special Issue 2018 also includes the JCIHE annual Graduate Student Work-in-Progress issue. Contributions are made by graduate students who are currently studying in a MA, Ed.D., or Ph.D. programs.

The editorial staff of JCIHE is pleased to help support the CIES Higher Education SIG to advance discussions on higher education in the international and comparative context. JCIHE is a professional forum that supports development, analysis, and dissemination of theory-policy, and practice-related issues that influence higher education.

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Special Edition: Academic Profession, Entrepreneurial Universities and Scholarship of Application

Academic Profession, Entrepreneurial Universities and Scholarship of Application: The Imperative of Impact
Hei-hang Hayes Tang

Entrepreneurial Universities in ASEAN nations: Insights from Policy Perspective
Roger Y. Chao, Jr.

Social Capital – A “Super Connector” for Internationalization and Integration: The Role of Hong Kong Universities in the Development of the Greater Bay Area
Wai-wan (Vivien) Chan

Embracing Entrepreneurship: Impact of Knowledge Transfer Policies on Academic Profession in Hong Kong Higher Education
Beatrice Y.Y. Dang

New Mission for New Time in Korean Higher Education
Moon S. Jeong

Graduate Student Work-in-Progress

From Cultural Resources to Public Diplomats: Middle Eastern International Students' Perspectives on Internationalization
William Geibel

Exploring Chinese Bicultural Students’ College Adjustment Process
Guicheng “Ariel” Tan

Regional Cooperation in Northeast Asia: Comparing Policy Ideas Across Institutions and Disciplines at Japanese Universities
Christopher D. Hammond

Representations of Higher Education among Adult Refugees in the US
Shelby Kruczek

Evolving Global Student Mobility: An Investigation into the Higher Education Experiences and Motivations of Students and Alumni from P12 International Schools
Natalie Cruz

A Case Study of Engineering PhD Students’ Career Decision-Making Processes using a Bounded Agency Model
Romina B. da Costa

Institutional, Informational, International: Predicting International Student Enrollment and Rate by Online Information
Zachary W. Taylor and Ibrahim Bicak

Who Studies Abroad at US Community Colleges?
Melissa Whatley

New Destinations in Study Abroad: Examining US University Expansion Efforts in Cuba
Taylor Woodman