Spring 2017

Full Edition

Selected Issues in Higher Education Policy - The Case of Denmark and Poland
Agnieska Dziedziczak-Foltyn and Kazimierz Musial

Internationalization as Westernization in Higher Education
Vanessa Perduti

Opinion: Trumpism and Universities: Advantage China?
Gerard Postiglione

Higher Education Reforms in Japan
Chrisato Nonaka and Sarah Phillips

Fall 2017

Full Edition

Alternative Higher Education (HE): Discourses in Lifelong Learning (LLL)
Peter Mayo

#RhodesMustFall: Decolonization, Praxis and Disruption
A. Kayum Ahmed

Japanese Higher Education Reform Trends in Response to Globalization and STEM Demand
Aki Yamada

Implementation of Team Based Learning (TBL) in a Lebanese Medical School
Rami Hawi

Winter 2017

Full Edition

University Internationalization, Immigration, and the Canadian Dream: How Federal Citizenship Immigration Marginalizes International Graduate Students
Rashed Al-Haque

Syrian Refugees Higher Education Crisis
Shahrzad Kamyab

The American Model of the Research University: A Factor Analysis of Arab Gulf and American Student Perceptions
Samar A. Abid, Edgar Apanecatl-Ibara, and Stephen P. Wanger

Research in Progress: A Narrative Inquiry into the Work Lives of Hungarian University Faculty and Their Perceptions of Higher Education Reform
Jessica Jewell

African Diaspora Scholar Mobility Programs: Looking toward Models for South-South Cooperation
Kelsey Sherbondy

Perspectives on Improving Transfer for International Community College Students
Wissem Bennai

Let's Talk about Mental Illness and Study Abroad
Lyndsi Jones

Putting the Pen in Their Hands: Using Indigenous Knowledge and Perspective to Re-Map Global Education and Strengthen International Service Learning
Christopher David Miller

The Rising Cost of Being Foreign: Impact of Differential Tuition on International Students
Shaoua Pei and Janice Friedel