Spring 2014

Full Edition

The Development of Hybrid Colleges in China: A Neo-Institutionalism Perspective
Jian Liu

A Necessary Evil - Revenue Diversification for Higher Education
Susan A. Namalefe

Science and Higher Education Policy and Scientific Inquiry: Chilean and Colombian Private Universities Compared
Pedro Pineda

Reform of Higher Education Institutes in Egypt
Hanaa Ibrahim Elsayad

Benchmarking Governance: A Tool for Improved Practices and Networking among Higher Education Institutions in Lebanon
Hana A. El-Ghali and Ahmad Jammal

"Strong Research Performers" vs. "Strong Teaching Performers" in European Higher Education: A Comparative Quantitative Perspective
Marek Kwiek

Examining Community College Global Counterpart Completion Agendas
Janice Nahra Friedel, Rosalind Latiner Raby, and Cristobal Salinas Jr.

Summer 2014

Full Edition

Institutional Performance Commitments: An Example of Intra-Institutional Accountability in Chile
Paulina Berrios

Why not Help Africa? American Universities should make a Civic Commitment to Strengthening Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
Richard Fossey

Integrating Service Learning into a First-Year Experience Course: A Few Considerations
Benjamin A. Johnson

University over Borders: A Comparison of Internationalization Models in Poland and Germany
Bianka Siwinska

Fall 2014

Full Edition

The State, the University, and Capital: Their Relations through Fukuyama's Lens
Qiang Zha

Clark's Triangle, Fiscal Incentives, and a new Relationship between the State and Universities
Daniel Lang

A Counter-hegemonic State to Neoliberalism: The Case of Recent Korean Higher Education Reforms
Moon Sook Jeong

Who is the Gatekeeper to Academic Power for Chinese Universities?
Juan Hu and Jiali Qin

Student Political Activism in a Global Context: An Analytic Imperative for Enhanced Understanding of Higher Education Coordination in Hong Kong
Hei-hang Hayes Tang

Seeking a Roadmap to Becoming World Class: Strategic Planning at Peking University
Guangkuan Xie