Spring 2013

Full Edition

Understanding Digital Distractions to Improve Teaching and Learning
Benjamin A. Johnson and Stephanie L. Shaulskiy

Non-University Sector Reform: Response to Shifts in Global Development Ideology in Africa
Edith Omwami

When Rankings are Urging "One Size Fits All"
Gustavo Gregorutti

Higher Education and Youth Unemployment in the Middle East and North Africa
Shahrzad Kamyab

Singapore's Search for National Identity: Building a Nation through Education
Zachary S. Ritter

Summer 2013

Full Edition

International University Partnerships in Cambodian Higher Education
Phirom Leng

French Higher Education Governance after Shanghai: More State, More Market, and More Humboldt
Michael Dobbins

Central American Exceptions: Institutions that Combine International Cooperation and Local Ingenuity
Nanette Svenson

The Paradox of Mortimer J. Adler: Revisiting the Distinction between Liberal and General Education
Kevin S. Zayed

Academic Capitalism in the Responsiveness of Science Academic Units at Makerere University
Ronald Bisaso

Fall 2013

Full Edition

Chinese MOOCs on the Way: Opportunities and Challenges
Yu Zhang, Yeqin Kang, and Manli Li

Higher Education in Brazil: Different Worlds and Diverse Beliefs
Elizabeth Balbachevsky

Dispelling Illusions of Homogeneity: Growing Disparities in Higher Education Access in the Post-Soviet Regions
Anatoly Oleksiyenko

Public Funding and the Beginning of a New Era in Higher Education in Brazil
Danilo de Melo Costa

Three Solutions for Reforming Indian Higher Education
Rahul Choudaha